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Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. Recently, LIU purchased a campus subscription to the QM Rubric to assist faculty and instructors in creating quality courses that will improve online education and student learning. Currently, LIU maintains its full subscription status on a yearly basis. Additionally, LIU IT consults with faculty and instructors on applying QM standards to their courses and developing new approaches in online and blended learning.
Through this subscription, IT is able to provide all LIU faculty and staff with:

  • QM login credentials that provide full access to the myQM web portal
  • Access to the Course Review Management System (CRMS) through which instructors can complete a Self-Review of their courses using the QM Higher Education Rubric
  • Access to QM materials and resources
  • Discounted rates on professional development

QM Notice

As of July 20, all QM professional development will be delivered in Canvas. Please share the following information about the transition with your team:

  • A free Canvas orientation is available — register today.
  • The link for the QM Classroom has changed — but login information has not. Usernames & passwords for the Canvas QM Classroom are the same as those used for MyQM or the current (Moodle) QM Classroom.
  • If you’ve recently completed any QM professional development, you have seven days from the end of your session to access your work in Moodle — take time now to download items you would like to save.
  • Any current, in-process QM courses and workshops will conclude in Moodle.

Create MyQM Account (first time users)
MyQM is a personalized, secure portal for your QM data and tools. It is a real-time data repository for LIU’s complete QM history and involvement. MyQM also provides access to some key tools in the implementation of QM.
To get started please log in to MyQM using your login credentials.

Upon entering MyQM, you have the ability to:

  • Update your profile including contact information
  • Access all QM Activity associated with your email address on file with QM

Accessing Quality Matters Resources

Quality Matters (QM) is a research-based national benchmark aimed at improving student learning experiences in online programs and courses. The QM curriculum introduces faculty and instructional staff to best practices in instructional design, provides rubrics for assessing online course design, and outlines a peer-review process for continuous improvement of online and hybrid courses.

All fee-based Quality Matters resources must be paid for by department or unit at the time they are ordered. To access QM resources you must first set up a personal account on QM’s secure website, MyQM.

      • Quality Matters Rubrics and Standards
        • Higher Education Rubric. A set of eight General Standards and 42 Specific Review Standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. Annotations explain the applications of the Standards and their inter-relationships. The Rubric has a scoring system used by the Review Team to determine whether a course meets Standards. Essential Standards (3-point Specific Review Standards) must be met during the review and an overall score of 85% of the points possible are required for a course to attain QM certification. For more information about the rubric, visit https://www.qualitymatters.org/qa-resources/rubric-standards/higher-ed-rubric
      • QM Professional Development. Quality Matters Professional development is available at a discount for LIU faculty, staff, and administrators. Please work with your college or school’s dean for paid workshop registration. You can view workshop availability at QM’s schedule of online courses and workshops.
      • QM Program Certification. The QM Program Certification process consists of four individual certifications that online Higher Education Programs may seek (fee based registration):
        • Online Program Design
        • Online Teaching Support
        • Online Learner Support
        • Online Learner Success
      • Quality Matters Research. The QM Research Library is a searchable online database of research literature that bears a relationship to the QM standards. A research toolkit and other research related resources are also available.
      • QM Resources. Quality Matters offers a database of past conference presentations and other articles and resources related to quality assurance.

    It you have any questions about Quality Matters, contact your local Information Technology Resource Center,


Helpful Links to Start a Self-Review

  1. Watch the Self-Review Tutorial (required)
  2. Log into MyQM
  3. Select the CRMS icon
  4. Select “Start a Self-Review”

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