Sending encrypted email to non-LIU email addresses

To send encrypted email to non-liu email addresses all you have to do is put the [encrypt] tag in the subject of your email.

Receiving encrypted email LIU email addresses
1. When you receive an encrypted email from an LIU email address it may appear in your inbox with an attachment as following. Note: appearance can be different depending on email provider or email client.

2. Open the email and click the Click here link as instructed.

3. Depending on your email provider or email client, you may get a warning.
Click Proceed.

4. (First time use) you will then be taken to an account creation page.

(every time after) you will then be taken to a login page.

5. On this screen you can see all the emails that were securely sent to your email address. From here you can also reply, reply all and forward. Be sure to logout when done. email accounts are now also supported