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Echo360 is a versatile and reliable system that automatically captures lectures and converts classroom voice, video, and visual-aids into high-quality media files. These media files can be accessed online from devices such as tablets, phones, and computers. Instructors can also utilize Universal Capture (Personal), which allows them to record from their own computers.

Advantages of Echo360


Content and Slide UploadYou can upload a slide or content from your computer or popular cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive into a presentation.


Active Learning ToolsInstructors who use Echo360 can utilize active learning tools such as: image quizzes, multiple choice, short answer, Q&A discussions, and confusion flags.



Custom Study GuidesBesides viewing your notes, you can edit your notes, edit or remove the timestamp/location tag for each note, these notes can be collected into a Study Guide to help your students review for the class.


Sharing ContentInstructors decide how they would like to share their Echo360 recordings. Recordings can be automatically published to Brightspace or shared with individual students who missed class or were excused.



Engagement ReportingEcho360 allows you to see engagement reporting on your classes. This allows you to see how students are responding to your videos and that they tend to review the most.


Q&A ThreadThe Q&A tab for the course allows you to post questions or comments about the course in general or about a particular class. You can design the questions to elicit responses from students or to provoke discussions between class members on a topic.



ASR Transcription ServicesEcho360 provides Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) transcription services. This an option that CELT staff can activate for a course if the instructor submits a request. It is the responsibility of the instructor to review and edit transcriptions once they are complete.


Lecture RecordingInstructors who are teaching in classrooms that have Echo360 hardware installed can request that their lectures be recorded. If you are not teaching in a classroom that is properly equipped or would like to record lectures from your office, you can use Universal Capture (personal) to record with your personal computer.

What’s in it for me?

The Active Learning Platform was designed by Echo360 as a powerful, all-in-one technology for classroom participation, anytime learning and streamlined studying on any device. The Active Learning Platform provides you with the tools necessary to become more engaged in your learning with both your peers and instructors, including anytime online access to recorded classroom videos, instructor presentations, the ability to take notes, ask and respond to questions anonymously, bookmark videos and instructor presentations, and let the instructor know when their content is confusing. And, all of this information can roll up into a really cool study guide to help you prepare for tests.

Why use the Active Learning Platform?

Research from the University of Ottawa finds that:

  • Class failure rates have over the last three years decreased from 5% (approximately 25 students) to 1 percent (approximately 5 students receiving F grades).
  • 10 percent average increase in final exam scores over three years.
  • 40 percent increase in learning gains measured pre- and post- assessments.
  • 23% higher exam scores for students that used the Active Learning Platform versus those who do not.
  • Suggests that there is a correlation to your success when you use the Active Learning Platform.

Additional research from the University of Michigan shows (See Figure):

  • Attendance, although pertinent to your learning and often the only recorded measure of participation, is unrelated to exam scores
  • The number of lecture captures viewed after class is weakly related to exam scores
  • The number of notes taken in the Active Learning Platform is strongly related to exam scores
  • The number of slides you view through the Active Learning Platform during class is strongly related to exam scores

Samson, P. (2015, March). Students with Lower GPA’s Participate Differently in Class From Those with High GPA’s (Knowing This, What Should We Do?). Poster session presented at the Research and Scholarship in Engineering Education Poster Fair, Ann Arbor, MI.
Montpetit, C. (2015, May 19). Faculty-developed tools that bend the curve on student engagement – eCampus News. Retrieved May 20, 2015, from


For Brightspace users, follow this video tutorial on how to link Echo 360 to your course in Brightspace.

Getting Started with Echo360video

Echo360video offers a range of tools for promoting student learning, engagement, and success, including:

  • Lecture capture: Capture high-definition video of in-class lectures, or record screencasts using your computer. Edit your videos at any time with the online editor.
  • Content management: Upload, organize, and share video content easily. Then add presentations, PDFs, and other media with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Student engagement: Add polls, quizzes, and other activities to make traditional lectures more interactive. Students use laptops and mobile devices to take notes, mark important or confusing content, and ask and respond to questions in real time.
  • Learner analytics: Get real-time behavioral data on class attendance, participation, and at-risk students. Track content views, questions asked, activity responses, and more.

To get started with Echo360video, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Add Echo360video to a Brightspace Course

Follow the instructions below to connect Echo360 ALP and your Brightspace course. Completing the steps below automatically creates your Echo360 account.

Add the Echo360video Tool to a module

  1. Login to Brightspace ( and navigate to your course.
  2. Go to any Module then click on Existing Activities > External Learning Tools > Echo360 Course.


Step 2: Navigate in Echo360video

Home Page
The Home page appears by default when you login to Echo360video. It contains a snapshot of the status of each of your course sections, including new questions, students to watch, and student engagement. Click the link to learn more about the Home page.

On your Home page you will see list of all your sections. Each section is made up of “classes” that hold content for students to view. To view your existing classes — or to create, edit, or delete a class — click the All Classes button for a particular section.
From the Classes page you can create new classes (Step 3) and add content (Step 4).

From the Classes page you can also access the:

  1. Edit video page — to make cuts and trims
  2. Edit presentation page — to rearrange, add, and delete slides and add interactive slides
  3. Availability settings — to control if/when content is visible to students
  4. Go to Classroom button — to present a class
  5. Q&A tab — to manage questions
  6. Analytics tab — to view data on student engagement

To learn more about the Classes tab, see Understanding the Class List.
Watch the Instructor Overview video tour to learn more about general navigation and key features in the Active Learning Platform.

Account Settings
Click the gear icon at the top right and select Account Settings from the menu to change your name, email address, or password.

Step 3: Add a Class

In Echo360video, a course (ex:ENGL 1301) has multiple sections (ex:ENG-101-003 Fall 2015) that are taught by different instructors. Each individual instructor’s section is made up of classes. These classes hold content (presentations, captures, videos) for students to view.

Echo360video organizational structure: Course → Section → Class → content
Add a Class

  1. On your Home page, click the All Classes button for a section.
  2. Click New Class.
  3. Edit the class details and click Create.

For detailed instructions, see Adding a Class.

Edit and Delete a Class

Edit Class Details
You can still edit the details of a class after creating it.

  1. On your Home page, click the All Classes
  2. Select the class you want to edit.
  3. Click the Edit Details

For detailed instructions, see Editing Class Details

Delete a Class
Warning: When you delete a class, all the corresponding activities, notes, and analytics are also deleted. The original presentations and videos remain in your Echo360video Library and can be re-published to a new location.
To delete a class:

  1. On your Home page, click the All Classes
  2. Select the class you want to remove.
  3. Click the Delete Class

For detailed instructions, see Deleting a Class

Step 4: Add Content to a Class

You can add three types of content to Echo360video:

  • Presentations: PowerPoint and Keynote presentations or PDF files
  • Videos: classroom lecture captures, personal captures, or files from your computer
  • Other media: see Supported Content Formats for a full list of file types you can upload

About Presentations
You can add a presentation to a class by uploading content from your computer, importing from your Echo360video Library, or creating a new presentation. See Add a Presentation to a Class to learn more, or watch this video tutorial.

About Videos

  • Lecture CapturesLecture capture allows instructors to record lectures taught in specific classrooms and make them available to their students online. Email to schedule auto capture of your lectures in Lecture Capture able classrooms.
  • Personal Captures (Screencasting)Echo360’s personal capture software runs on your computer and allows you to simultaneously record audio, your computer screen, and/or video from your webcam — then publish it as a single video file. Click here to learn more about Universal  Capture Personal and system requirements. You can download Universal  Capture Personal for free from Echo360video. Watch these videos to learn how to download and use Universal  Capture Personal for Windows or for Mac, or refer to the links below.

Other Videos
You can also manually add videos to Echo360 ALP. See Adding a Video to a Class to learn more, or watch this video tutorial.

Add Content

  1. On your Home page, click the All Classes
  2. Click the blue + icon to the right of the class to which you want to add content.
  3. Select Add video (to add video, audio, or multimedia) or Add presentation (to add PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF files).
  4. Select the location from which to add the content.

VLC Echo360 CLassrooms

Lecture Hall 101
Lecture Hall 202
Lecture Hall 203

Instructor FAQ’s

How do I start an AdHoc Capture in my Classroom?

Ad hoc captures are impromptu recordings, generated by telling a capture appliance or a Universal Capture installation to begin recording immediately.
Click here to learn more.

How do I add my Echo360 recordings into Blackboard?

Follow the instructions below to connect Echo360 ALP and your Blackboard course. Completing the steps below automatically creates your Echo360 account.

    1. Login to Blackboard ( and navigate to your course.
    2. Go to Content > tools > Echo360 PLatform.
    3. Check the box in the Available column for “Echo360 ALP” and click Submit. Make the Echo360 ALP Tool Available
  1. Add an Echo360 ALP Tool Link to the Course Menu
    1. Click the plus sign (+) at the top left of your Blackboard course menu. Select Tool Link.
    2. Enter a name for the link and select Echo360 ALP from the drop-down menu.
    3. Check the Available to Users box and click Submit.
  2. Set Up an Echo360 ALP Section
    1. Click the Echo360 ALP link in your Blackboard course to go to the Echo360 website.
      Note: If the link does not launch, turn off your pop-up blocker and try again.
    2. Choose your section from the drop-down list, or create a new one.
    3. Click Continue to Echo360
    4. Your Echo360 account will be automatically created using the email address associated with your Blackboard account. After your account is created, you will receive an email notification with a link to create an Echo360 ALP password. (If you do not receive an email, go to and click the “Forgot your password?” link.)

    For detailed instructions, see Set Up a Section in Echo360 ALP

  3. Login to Echo360 ALP
    After your account is created, you can login to Echo360 ALP in two ways:
  1. Click the Echo360 ALP Tool Link you added to Blackboard.
  2. Go to and enter your email and Echo360 password.

Which classrooms are equipped with Echo360 hardware?

Currently, the Echo360 enabled rooms are as follows
Brooklyn – HS119, HS107, LLC 124 and LLC 122
Post – LS 137, Ls 139, LS 141

How do I control the availability of an Echo360 recording?

Availability simply determines whether a Student can view media in the class where it’s published. Meaning you can publish media to a class, but not allow students to see it until a certain date, or not allow them to see it after a certain date.
When captures are published to a section, the publishing settings include Availability. This may be on the capture schedule, or in the dialog box provided for manually publishing media to a class. Availability allows the publisher to set a start and/or end date for making the capture available/unavailable for student viewing.
Click here to read more.

How can I use Universal Capture (Personal)?

Universal Capture is the interface/software used to create Echo360 recordings. You can download Universal Capture from Echo360 onto your personal computer, and generate recordings to share with your classes or groups, or if you are a student, to submit for a homework assignment. This version is called Universal Capture: Personal also referred to as UC: Personal.
Click here to learn more.

Adding the Echo tool link in Blackboard

In order for students to access Echo360 content, an Instructor or an Admin must add an Echo360 content link to the course.
Click here to read more.

Adding the Echo tool link in Brightspace

In order for students to access Echo360 content, an Instructor must add an Echo360 content link to the course.
Click here to see how.

Student FAQ’s

How do I view an Echo360 Recording?

Being “in the classroom” means viewing the content or media in the class, and interacting with the media in some way. You can watch the class as it was recorded, as well as view any other presentation materials that may have been shared in the classroom.
Click here to read more

How do I download an Echo360 recording?

You can download content from Echo360 from the Class List page if you need or want a local copy of the media for offline viewing or file manipulation outside of Echo360.
Be advised that some institutions restrict downloads to only the audio stream of the file. In this case, you will only get the audio stream of the video, and presentations cannot be downloaded from the class list.
click here to read more

Which classrooms are equipped with Echo360 hardware?

Currently, the Echo360 enabled rooms are as follows
Brooklyn – HS119, HS107, LLC 124 and LLC 122
Post – LS 137, Ls 139, LS 141