Telephone Services
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Call Forwarding (On campus)

You can forward your phone directly from your own ip phone.
1) Press the CFwdALL button, you will hear -2 beeps
2) Start with the number “9” then enter the number you are forwarding to ex. 9 1-###-###-####
The number you are forwarding to will show on the screen
To cancel – press the CFwdAll button again
You can cancel and add the forwarding anytime you wish.

Call Forwarding (Off campus)

Send and email to With the number you are requesting to forward your phone to.

Long Distance Service

All Long distance requests must be approved by your dean or head of the department before submitting a request. To request long distance service for your telephone, send an email to:
Brooklyn –
Post –

Conference Calls

The campus telephone systems include conference call features. You may place conference calls from any campus telephone for up to 4 people at the time. If you require more than 4 participants you can request a conference bridge, this can accommodate more users but is based on first come first served basis. To request a conference bridge all you need is to do is send a request to Be sure to include the date, start and end time, as well as the number of participants. You will receive an email with the dial in number as well as the conference ID and password. Please Note: a minimum of 24 hours is required for any conference request.
To enter a conference call:

  • On campus, dial ext 3999.
  • Off campus, dial 1-866-864-3919 (toll free)
  • Overseas participants should dial 1-516-299-3999 (caller pays)

Enter the conference room number followed by the pound sign (#). Then enter the Pin number followed by the pound sign (#).

Requesting Conference Phones

Conference telephones can also be requested for a special meeting use. These Polycom phones are very useful for a group of people in a conference room to participate in a call with one or two additional participants dialing in from a remote location. The sound quality enables outside callers to be actively involved in the meeting. Should you have need to borrow one of our phones, please submit the request at least one week in advance (to be sure we have one available) of the meeting. Your request can be emailed to and should include the date, start and end time, as well as the meeting location.
For Brooklyn faculty and staff, you should reserve your meeting space before making your conference phone request by sending an email request to or

Telephone Repair

In many instances, the trouble can be quickly resolved by phone. However, if we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, we will dispatch a technician to your location. You can establish the request for service by contacting:
Brooklyn – or calling 718-488-1082.
Post – or calling ext. 2281


The Cisco Unity voicemail system offers Unified messaging: you not only get your voicemail on the phone, but you also receive the message as an email attachment that you can listen to, forward or even save messages on your computer.
To access your voicemail, dial 4500 from your phone (or 718-780-4500 from off campus), and then:

  • Press the star (*) key
  • Enter your ID (which is your extension XXXX), then press the pound (#) key.
  • Enter your password, then press the pound (#) key.

If this is the first time you are setting up your voicemail, you will be prompted to record your name and enter a new private password. Finally the system will prompt you to change your directory status. You may disregard this prompt.
Note: This voicemail system will now record all of the messages and send them to your e-mail account. The messages will be moved to the saved folder, with a copy sent to your e-mail account as a .wav file attachment. For additional features and functionality, please review this User Guide.
In the event you forget your voicemail pin, you can reset it from your outlook email using these instructions.
NOTE: If are a new hire you must REQUEST to have voicemail added to your phone AFTER you get an LIU email.

When I dial out the number shows up as 488-1000?

All phone calls that go to off campus telephone numbers will show the 488-1000 number.

Can I chang the name on my extention?

Send an email to and indicate what the new name will be. If it is a departmental phone number, the request should be made by a Dean or department head.


Can I change my extention number?

Send an email to and include a reason for the request. If it is a departmental phone number, the request should be made by a Dean or department head.
Note: the request may not be honored if the provided reason is not deemed as valid enough to warrant the change.


Why is the fist part my number different from everyone else?

There are three different exchange numbers for the LIU Brooklyn campus: 488, 780 and 246. These are not arranged by department or by physical location, you can have a different exchange from the person next to you.