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The mission of the ITRC is to provide concentrated support to staff and faculty by offering training on and exposure to technology to enhance student learning and employee productivity. The ITRC provides consulting, design and programming for custom multimedia applications, digitization of educational resources, in addition to maintaining a public work space specifically for faculty curricular development and staff technology training use. The ITRC staff is available for individual consultation, and also offers workshops and presentations in the latest uses of technology in the classroom.

  • Providing staff and faculty with online support in the use of computers, productivity software, and multimedia.
  • Enabling staff and faculty to acquire the skills, knowledge and tools to support the use of information technology in the educational process.
  • Providing open forum and informal dialogue to identify how to improve technology support.
  • Supporting individuals and groups in the development and implementation of various media in coursework.
  • Working in collaboration with the other Campus and University offices, we strive to strengthen access to available technological resources.



ITRC staff is available for 1:1 training sessions per request. Call to set up an appointment with your nearest Campus ITRC.


All printing for Faculty and Staff can typically be done in your department. For color printing there will be a charge to the departmental budget for any printing jobs.


Professional and personal development is encouraged by registering for one or more Technology Training workshops. These workshops are designed to build technology skills for use in the workplace and in your classroom. Workshops can also be scheduled for an entire department by contacting your local IT Office.

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Excel

This workshop will take you through the task of creating an electronic spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Training will cover data entry and formatting; mathematic, financial and statistical calculations using formula and function procedures. Training will also include chart development and importing/exporting data.

Advanced Spreadsheet Development – Excel

This workshop entails building and enhancing spreadsheet development skills. Training will focus on entering data and formatting data, relative and absolute referencing, chart creation, conditional formatting and if conditions.
Requirements: Familiarity with file management and basic computer skills; basic spreadsheet operations such as: entering, labeling and basic content formatting; participant must also be knowledgeable of basic function, formula and autosum operations.

To register for workshops, click here.

LIU Brooklyn

Phone: 718-488-3326
Walk-in: M 407
Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm


Phone: 516-299-3636
Walk-in: Library 222
Mon-Thu 9am- 5pm