Teaching Evaluation of Faculty (TEF)


If you have any questions, please email evals@liu.edu

Long Island University is implementing Online Faculty Course Evaluation beginning Fall of 2019 using the new IASystem™ web-based application.

Developed and offered by the University of Washington (IASystem™), this proven system offers online administration options, as well as evaluation forms that support different pedagogical formats (e.g., large lecture, online, studio). This system also offers many benefits to obtain an overall assessment of the course and instructor. Below are just a few of the highlights of the system:

  • Offers 15 different forms to provide feedback on specific aspects of each course type;
  • Allows faculty members to add their own questions;
  • Allows custom form capability;
  • Includes FOUR summative global questions to allow cross-class and cross-instructor comparisons;
  • Reports are available within 3 days after grades are posted; and
  • Intuitive interface which sends students a direct link to their evaluations for each class.

Note that student response rates are often lower for online evaluations than for those conducted on paper, and this may have an impact on average ratings. Suggestions for improving online response rates are provided by Top 20 strategies to increase the online response rates.

TEF Access Links

As this is a new system for LIU, more information will be posted as aspects are discovered.