Activate MyLIU
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Welcome to LIU! Now that your account has been created it’s time to activate it so you can login. Current students who have had their account passwords reset by IT will also need to activate their accounts after the reset.

Step 1

In a browser, navigate to and click on the Activate MYLIU link on the top of the list to the right

Step 2

Enter the requested information in each field, then click Activate.

Note 1: If you are having issues with your social security number, or don’t have one, you can use your student ID number.

Note 2: If you still cannot get past this step, contact the registrar to make sure all of your information (name, social, DOB) is correct.

Step 3

Enter the password you would like to use.


  • 10 Characters
  • 1 Capital (minimum)
  • 1 Number (minimum)
  • 1 Special Character (minimum) – example ! # % * . ?
  • Cannot be a previous password
  • Cannot have more than 3 sequential numbers
  • Cannot contain all the same letter or number

Step 4 (not required)

Enter your mobile number if you would like to get campus announcements by text. This step is not mandatory but you must click the button to continue.

Step 5

You will be taken back to the login page and you can now log in.