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If you are off-campus, check your email, voicemail messages and calendar using any of LIU’s web tools. Be careful while using Internet Cafes as these places are known for hackers whose intent are to steal your personal information. Whenever you are in a public location using public internet devices, be especially careful while logging-in and out of the web based services that you are using. Also, quit any web browsers before leaving.

Check before you work Off-Campus

  • Encrypted Laptop – Increases data safety by encrypting all data on the device (windows only). Click here to find out more.
  • VPN – Enables you to access LIU networked resources from off-campus. Before use, contact your local IT Helpdesk.
  • Local backup – If your primary workstation is the laptop you are taking with you, copy all your files to an external storage device in case your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Official LIU data – Leave as much data on LIU servers as possible! Reduce the risk of sensitive LIU data being compromised through a lost or stolen computer or mobile device.

Video Conferencing

We offer multiple virtual meeting platforms for faculty and staff. Connect with your students and run online classes or hold virtual meetings with your fellow co-workers and colleagues using the appropriate platform for you and your department. For information and How To’s on the systems, click on their logos below.

Ways to Lead a Productive and Inclusive Zoom Meeting

Ways to Engage as an Effective Zoom Participant

Best Practices for Using Skype

·  Skype PDF’s


Accessing Your Work Remotely

Many key applications and document repositories are completely network-accessible, from your LIU-issued laptop or from your personal laptop or tablet, as long as you know the correct URL to access the resource.

Note: Before use, contact your local IT Helpdesk.

Using VPN

VPN is a remote access technology that allows you to securely connect to LIU’s network as if you were on campus. This makes access to restricted services possible, and provides encryption between your computer and the Long Island University network.

Learn more and get connected to LIU’s VPN

Accessing electricity and the internet

Electricity and internet access are prerequisites to being able to work remotely. If you cannot make it in to work during a regional emergency, this access might not be available at your home.

Plan ahead by becoming familiar with your options to access these services near your home. These options might include working from the homes of local family, friends, or neighbors; working from coffee shops or libraries with WIFI.

Collaboration Tools

Location doesn’t matter when you’ve got reliable online tools to help you connect and collaborate with colleagues. LIU’s recommended collaboration tools are Skype for instant messaging, One Drive for file sharing, and Zoom for video conferencing.

Data and Application Security

If you work remotely on your home computer (rather than on your LIU-issued laptop or tablet), you must be aware of the Desktop and Laptop Security Measures for the data and applications you use.

The system that you are working on must comply with LIU’s Minimum Security Policies based on the types of data and applications you are accessing.

Best Practices for the Digital Age

Online Training

Technology Training offers an array of Webinars and Resources that include topics related to remote working and telecommuting. On-campus colleagues may wish to explore our ITRC office learn tips and tools for working effectively with remote team members.

Get Help

Need more Off-Campus help?

IT Tutorials can be found for LIU members working off-campus here.

If you need IT support for an issue related to telecommuting or remote work, submit a Help ticket and we’ll get you connected with someone who can help.


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