Step 1 (On Your computer)

Login to and open your mailbox. (This should be done on a trusted computer).

Step 2

Click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner, and click on My Account. On the next screen, select Sign in & Security.

Step 3

(if adding your account to a new phone skip to step 5. If this is a first time set up continue below.)

Click on 2 Step Verification, then click Get Started and enter your phone number.

Step 4

Enter the 6 Digit Code that was sent to your phone. Click next. Then click Next.

Step 5

Click on the white back arrow, then click on App Passwords.

Step 6

From the drop down select Mail, then select Other. Give this profile a name then click Generate.

Step 7

Click Generate again, and a random 16-digit password would then be generated.

Write this password down, you will need it in the next few steps.

Step 8

On your phone, go to the default mail application and add a new account.

Step 9

Select other, then enter your full LIU email address and the 16 digit password from earlier.

















You are done.