Since Blackboard is integrated with PeopleSoft course shells are automatically created the Blackboard server. Hence, faculty should be able to see a corresponding course shell if they can see a class roster for the course in their PeopleSoft account. If a class roster appears on the PeopleSoft server, but a corresponding course shell does not appear in Blackboard faculty should notify the Information Technology Resource Center, at your local campus, for technical support to have the matter investigated.
Student data is automatically populated into a course shell once it’s been created. This information come from the PeopleSoft database.
Students can go to the Tutorials page to obtain student handouts and preview videos on how to navigate and engage in Blackboard.

Students can also go to the Genius Corner (located at the bottom of Pratt, the back of Subways) if they require one‐on‐one assistance. If students are encountering problems with logging into Blackboard due to a discrepancy with their MY LIU account information, they should go to the Center for Student Information (located on the 3rd floor of the Library Learning Center rm. 301).

The duration that a course can remain on the Blackboard sever is 2 calendar years. Courses older than 2 calendar years will be archived and stored for a period of an additional two calendar years. Faculty may restore interation of a previous course by providing archived copy, or by restoring and referencing the course ID, section and semester from archival records.
Steps for faculty to maintain their own archived copy of course:

  1. While in Blackboard and within desired course, Select Packages and Utilities from Course Management.
  2. Select Export/Archive Course, click on the file name and confirm by selecting OK.
  3. Place a check box for the most current backup, click the action icon and select “Save as file”.
  4. A browse for Location window appears. Click OK to save backup copy in your “My Files” area.
  5. To retrieve the backup copy for your own safekeeping, go to the Build tab, select File Manager, and click the My Files icon at the top of your window.

Your archived copy will be titled with the course ID, the date you make the backup, and ending with a “.bak ” extension. Click the action icon to download a copy to your computer. Faculty can contact the ITRC at your local campus for assistance with archiving courses.

Since PeopleSoft generates individual course shells for every course that faculty are scheduled to teach, faculty must contact the ITRC at your local campus and make a formal request to have the templates merged. The department chair and dean should also be copied in the request. In the request, faculty should indicate which template will be the target course (i.e., PHA 010 section 10) and which will be the source course (i.e., PHA 010 section 11). Once a course merger is processed the student information will be added into the target course, however the source course will be hidden from the students so that they only have access to target course which contains the content. Be aware that there is the probability that the content in the individual course shells may not migrate to the target when the merge operation is performed (especially if the content is updated in the source). If this occurs faculty will be required to copy the content over to the target using the Course Copy operation. Nevertheless, whenever the student data is updated in the source course, the student information will also be updated in the target.

Important Notice: Before submitting your formal request to the ITRC to have a courses merged please be sure to obtain authorization from your department chain and dean.

Reasons for this may include:

  1. The document type.
  2. The browser used to access the file.
  3. The browser’s pop-up blocker may not be disabled for Blackboard.

Alternative methods for making content accessible

Your students can avoid the whole process of disabling the pop‐up blocker if they go into your course using either the Firefox or Safari web browser. Another way to avoid the interference of the popblocker is to upload portable documents (html, pdf). Portable documents require the browser to convert the content; therefore, the student can avoid launching any applications in order to preview content.

All requests should be directed to the ITRC, with the individuals’ LIU credentials and a rationale for the request.

  1. If you wish to add a co-designer or co-teacher, you must have your department chair make the request. For workload changes, this request should be forwarded to the Registrar. For other roles, you may request access for:
  2. Teaching assistants

Guests (provides limited permissions)