Activating your Account

Click on Activate My Account and fill in requested information. (Necessary only on your first log in.)
Create a strong password with at least one number and capital letter (make sure Caps Lock key is not active).
Your username will appear on the screen along with your email address.

Your username will be “Firstname[dot] Lastname”. (If you have a more common name you may have a number after your name; i.e., firstname.lastname2)

Now that you have activated your account you may login.

Logging into your account

After activating your account, you can also access your email and Google apps by going directly to

Multiple Google Accounts

If you are already signed into Google with another account you may see this message. Click the second radio button to sign out of the other account.

Email interface overview

  • Click compose to create a new email
  • Click settings to adjust display preferences
  • Click the check box in order to view a new menu. This menu gives you more options for the email you have selected.

New Email

Google will automatically group emails with the same subject and recipient together so you can easily view the email exchange. This creates a conversation thread.


Contacts is a way to store phone numbers and addresses. Contacts also makes sharing, chatting, and calling even easier.

  • To open, click “Contacts” on the main 4 menu located at the top of your window.
  • To add contacts either click:

Creating groups is convenient for sending a single message to multiple people.

  • To Create a Contact Group click on “New Group” and name it. This group will be empty at first. To add contacts to a specific group just click on.
  • Repeat step 2. Adding pre-existing Contacts to a Group.
  • Click the square next to the contact you would like to add to a group.
  • Click the groups icon on the menu above your contacts.
  • On the dropdown click the check next to the group you want you contact added to.

Mobile Configuration

Refer to MyLIU Email on Android or iOS