What you are seeing in the examples above is the title of the Section, which in every case (except Resume) is also the title of the Page.

  • In the menu, the bold title is the Page Title (ex. Introduction or Vision Statement) and the normal text title is the Section Title (ex. Introduction or Vision Statement). If you add a second section to any of the pages, the title of that section would also show up in this menu as normal text.
  • When you click on the section of your Introduction page, the Section Title box has the word Introduction in it (image below). This Section Title is what you are seeing at the top of each page under the Page Title. They just happen to be the same words each time.
  • When you go to the Resume page, the Section Title box is empty (image below). That’s why the title is not repeated on that page and it does not appear twice in the menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have discovered that the box is not entirely empty. You must put at least one space in the box to remove the title. Just delete any text you have in the box and use the

[spacebar] to insert a blank space or two.


  • If you do not want the title repeated on the page, you do one of two things:
    • Delete the text in the Section Title box and add a space or two. (see note immediately above) That will leave the section title blank like your resume page.
    • You can also re-name the Section Title to something like “Welcome to my portfolio” (without quotes). You could use the Section Titles to introduce each page in some way.
  • Or leave the two titles the same
    • Of course, many portfolio pages look fine with the Page Title in large text at the very top of the screen and the same words repeated below in smaller text as the Section Title.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is simply your design choice!

Article Credit: Susan W Quinn.
Email: susanq@sc.edu