There are various ways to create and access your Blackboard Portfolio. You can access it from “Global Navigation”, the area located in the upper, right side of the screen with your name.

1. Click on the triangle beside your name (note:  be careful not to click on the Log Out button, which is immediately to the right!)
BB-port username

  • Below the list of Courses, you will see other areas: Organizations, Spaces, Links, Tools, and Settings

2. Click on Tools, and then choose Portfolios

a list of options under Tools, with Portfolios highlighted
(Notice that there are two Portfolios buttons. That is a glitch. Either one will take you to the new feature.)

3. There, you will see

[My Portfolios] and you should be able to access any portfolios you made in the previous system.

  • Notice that there is also a button for [My Artifacts], which acts like the Content Collection. It contains the files you pointed to in your portfolios.
  • Also, note that any portfolios other people shared with you are can still be found in [Shared with Me].


Article Credit: Susan W Quinn.