When you download your portfolio from Blackboard, you will get a .zip folder with the files contained in your portfolio.

  • To view the portfolio, the user must extract the files from the .zip folder and open the index file in a browser.
  • You can save those files to a CD/DVD.
  • If you have access to a hosted web site, you can upload the parts of your portfolio into your site. You need to use a web authoring tool to move the index file and all the items contained in the content folder from the downloaded and extracted .zip folder. You will likely have to re-create the links to the items in your hosted site.
  1. Click on the drop-down beside the portfolio you want to download
    highlight where to click on Download
  2. You will see some additional instructions and the link Click to Download Portfolio
    window with link to Download
  3. Below is what a typical downloaded folder will look like:
    content of zip folder
  4. Extract the files
    Click on the index file to view the portfolio.

Article Credit: Susan W Quinn.
Email: susanq@sc.edu