In the new version of Portfolios, artifacts are kept in

[My Artifacts]. If you created portfolios in the previous versions of Blackboard, you may already have items in your My Artifacts*. Artifacts in the new version can also be more than just a link to an item. You can create an artifact that is just information without attaching or linking to a file.

  1. Click on the [My Artifacts] button from the Portfolio tool
  2. Choose [Add Personal Artifact]
  3. Give your artifact a Title. This will help you find it in your My Artifacts.
  4. It is important to also give your artifact a Description. If it is not obvious from the title, you will want to describe your artifact as a document, video file, etc. This will help you as you search among your artifacts.
  5. If you have text you want the user to see, add that to the Content area. If you are creating a text-only artifact, this is where your details will go.
  6. Use the Attach File option to browse your computer or the old Content Collection to find a file to attach on this artifact.
    Click [Submit].

Now, when you are creating or editing a portfolio and what to add an artifact to a page, you will search My Artifacts.

link to Add Artifacts highlighted

* When the Blackboard upgrade was done in December 2014, the artifact files that you linked to from your portfolios were automatically moved to the new My Artifacts area. You will notice, though, that the items in My Artifacts are not organized like you may have had them in your Content Collection. (You cannot organize them into folder like you may have done in the past, for instance.) There is also no indication of the type of item it is – a document, pdf, video file, audio clip, folder, etc. As you add new items to My Artifacts, it is particularly useful to put that type of information in the description.

You can also go back and add descriptions to items that were moved during the upgrade:

  1. Click on the drop-down beside the item and choose Edit
    dropdown pointing to Edit option
  2. You can then add a meaningful description or change the name of the link if that would be helpful.
    IMPORTANT: Please be aware that if you make a change to the artifact file, the link will not work in the original portfolio. You will need to go back to any portfolios that you created in the past and re-link the artifact.

Article Credit: Susan W Quinn.