Teaching Evaluation of Faculty (TEF)


If you have any questions, please email evals@liu.edu

The Teaching Evaluation of Faculty (TEF) is the student evaluation system for LIU.  Developed and offered by the University of Washington (IASystem™), this proven system offers many benefits to obtain an overall assessment of the course and instructor.  The faculty user guide and resources on the menu provide information on how to add your own questions, tips for boosting response rates, accessing and understanding your reports, answers to FAQs, and important protocols for administering TEF.

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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Teaching Evaluation of Faculty (TEF) specific for departmental coordinators.
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Each department will set its own protocol about how forms are chosen. Faculty should check with their departmental coordinator (in most cases, this person will be the department chair’s assistant). A list of the 15 different types of forms can be found on the TEF website. Please forward any form changes through your Dean’s office.

This decision will be made at the departmental level. Faculty will need to check with their department chair and/or departmental coordinator to find out the date. Decisions should be made no later than three weeks prior to the survey launch.

Faculty will receive email notification as soon as an evaluation is created by the departmental coordinator for their course. PLEASE NOTE: this email will include the survey link for the students; faculty cannot log in. Please use your faculty portal at (https://liu.iasystem.org/faculty​) to access your course evaluation.

You can preview the survey by logging into the faculty portal (https://liu.iasystem.org/faculty), selecting the term/session of your course and clicking on ‘Preview’ under the ‘Action’ column.

Students will receive an email notification with the link to the course evaluation. Instructors may send students a reminder e-mail with the unique survey link for their course or post on their course’s Blackboard page.

You can monitor your completion percentage in the faculty portal (https://liu.iasystem.org/faculty) once the evaluation is open to students.

No, but students receive an automated confirmation email immediately upon submission of their completed course evaluation.

No, the course list is uploaded into the system after the last official drop date; therefore, the updated class list should reflect the most current students enrolled in your course at the time of the survey administration.

Students are informed that all comments that contain coarse or violent language and/or content, or derogatory remarks about the person’s gender, race, sex, religion, national origin or other personal characteristics will be removed and not taken into consideration. Faculty shall contact their Department Chair and evals@liu.edu to have such comments removed.

Reports are available via the faculty portal (https://liu.iasystem.org/faculty). Release dates for reports will be three days after grades are posted for the semester. Instructions for pulling a report can be found in the TEF faculty user guide.

IASystem forms include FOUR summative global questions to allow cross-class and cross-instructor comparisons. View the ‘faculty user guide for directions on interpreting reports‘.

Results are available on IASystem after the course evaluations have closed and grades have been submitted. Faculty access to results is at: liu.iasystem.org/faculty. When you login, the default view is the current term. If you want to see an evaluation for a previous term, change the “FROM” dropdown on the top right of the page to a previous term date.

In addition to instructors, IASystem authorized department coordinators and administrators can access the course evaluation responses.

Response rates for online evaluations can be tracked in the IASystem faculty portal. After the evaluation is closed, your department evaluation coordinator can provide you with a Participant Report in order to award points or other incentives for completing the course evaluation.

Please note: To maintain anonymity, if there are less than 5 respondents, a Participant Report cannot be generated.

1) Set aside time in class to have students complete online evaluations. IASystem evaluations can be completed on computers or mobile devices.

2) Track your response rate which is sent via automated email updates and can be viewed in the IASystem faculty portal. If response rate is low, encourage students to complete and let them know their feedback is valuable.

3) For useful suggestions, see 20 Top Strategies to Increase Online Response Rates

In the case of multiple instructors, the instructors can be evaluated as a group, which will generate a single evaluation for that course and list all the instructors evaluated. Alternatively, the instructors can be evaluated separately, generating more than one evaluation for that course. You can instruct your departmental evaluation coordinator on how you would like the evaluation set up.

Courses with less than five students enrolled are not evaluated in order to protect the confidentiality of the students.