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If you are off-campus, check your email, voicemail messages and calendar using any of LIU’s web tools. Be careful while using Internet Cafes as these places are known for hackers whose intent are to steal your personal information. Whenever you are in a public location using public internet devices, be especially careful while logging-in and out of the web based services that you are using. Also, quit any web browsers before leaving.

All of the following LIU services assure your privacy and security while you are away from LIU.

Check before you work Off-Campus

  • VPN – Enables you to access LIU networked resources from off-campus. Before use, contact your local IT Helpdesk.
  • Local backup – If your primary workstation is the laptop you are taking with you, copy all your files to an external storage device in case your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Official LIU data – Leave as much data on LIU servers as possible! Reduce the risk of sensitive LIU data being compromised through a lost or stolen computer or mobile device.


Need more Off-Campus help?

IT Tutorials can be found for LIU members working off-campus here.