The ITRC has been designed to provide concentrated support to faculty and staff whether offering training or exposure on technology to enhance student learning and employee productivity. The mission of the ITRC is to promote learning with technology by supporting individuals as they learn in individual and group settings and by working in collaboration with campus and University departments to strengthen skills. Resources available at the ITRC include training as well as access to various software suites and hardware. Individuals may receive guided instruction, as well as request assistance with matching technical solutions to departmental work flows and increasing efficiency.


Introduction to Spreadsheets – Excel

This workshop will take you through the task of creating an electronic spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Training will cover data entry and formatting; mathematic, financial and statistical calculations using formula and function procedures. Training will also include chart development and importing/exporting data.

Advanced Spreadsheet Development – Excel

This workshop entails building and enhancing spreadsheet development skills. Training will focus on entering data and formatting data, relative and absolute referencing, chart creation, conditional formatting and if conditions.

Requirements: Familiarity with file management and basic computer skills; basic spreadsheet operations such as: entering, labeling and basic content formatting; participant must also be knowledgeable of basic function, formula and autosum operations.

Tablets on the Go

Attention iPad and Android users! This workshop will provide tips on how to navigate your iPad or android device. A wide variety of apps such as Dropbox, Evemote, Springpad, FlipBoard, Draw, Idea Sketch and Presenter will be covered. You will also learn how to search, navigate and download apps, which will help with your “on the go” life style.

InfoShare (SharePoint)

InfoShare is a web platform that allows departments at LIU to set up a permissions based website to share information with others, manage documents and centralize all documents pertaining to a department, project or initiative. This workshop will introduce you to InfoShare (SharePoint) and show you how to navigate the program effectively.


Blackboard Basic

Become familiar with basic features of the Blackboard learning management system
(LMS) and learn how to develop content for online course delivery. Training will focus on access and login, as well as overview basic procedures such as: browser and file compatibility, navigation, content development, organizing content; and communication and publication tools. Additionally the workshop will wrap up with information about the resources that are readily available to all blackboard users.

Blackboard Advanced

The Blackboard Advanced workshop is designed to align with the University’s Outcome Assessment and Academic Integrity initiatives to meet standards. Training focuses on advance features such as: rubric, assessment and plagiarism tools. The workshop will also overview the Grade Center to demonstrate how it interacts with assessment tools; and will wrap up by exploring column organization and data filtering features of the grade center module.

Portfolio for Blackboard

Portfolios collect and organize pieces of work completed over time. They are compilations of work with a general purpose or goal to showcase progress and achievement. Users are given tools to present their information in a cohesive, personalized format.