If you have your own phone extension, the LIU faculty/Staff email system is also integrated with your ip phone. Should you have to reset your voice mail pin, you can do so from Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1

If you only use the Outlook Web App, skip to Step 3 

From the Outlook desktop program chose File

Step 2

From the list of buttons chose Manage Voice Mail.

Step 3

Login to the Outlook Webapp using your LIU credentials

Step 4

From the gear icon on the right, choose Options.

Step 5

From the list on the left choose Phone
If you are doing this from the Outlook desktop application, you will have been brought here automatically after logging in.

Scroll down to see the rest of the options and click on the “Reset my voice mail PIN…” link.


Step 6

You will then be sent an email with a temporary pin that you MUST change. Dial your access code and follow the audio prompts to set a new permanent voice mail PIN.