Where can I find the LIU policy for online teaching?
To download and read LIU’s Policies, Processes, and Best Practices for Online Learning, click the document image below.

How do I start teaching online?
Online courses at LIU are developed at the department or program level, with specific focus on professionally oriented master’s and doctoral programs. In special cases, we also focus on career-specific undergraduate majors. That means, generally speaking, that teaching online at LIU is not a choice faculty members exercise on their own, but something they work to develop with their department or school, and our office.
That said, the creation of individual online courses IS considered if those courses offer potential to have a high impact on university priorities. If you’re interested in piloting a course, you should speak to your dean or the chair of your department. To view a brief flow chart of the steps needed to teach in an online or blended format, click on the image.
 Thumbnail image of flowchart that shows the steps needed to teach online or blended courses for LIU
What Can I Expect?
Building an online course site is a team endeavor. The professor, as the content expert and course site author, collaborates many times during the development process with a range of experts: instructional designers, IT staff, department colleagues, library staff, and the project manager. The process includes a design, build, and beta testing phase.
What we do
The infographic below illustrates the four steps for getting started teaching online for LIU.  Taking the IDEAS course gives faculty the support and the certificate to start teaching online or blended courses, and then comes building a course site.  Working with an instructional designer on campus, faculty can create a course site that will work for their curriculum and be a dynamic and engaging space for students. Then comes testing the site, beginning to teach, and continually looking for possible improvements based on student feedback and achievement of learning outcomes.