*Note: For those of you who already use Campus Labs, please note that your assigned username and password will now change to your LIU email address (which will serve as your username) and your LIU password. Make sure also that you now log in to Campus Labs via a new site –  https://liu.campuslabs.com/baseline.

Long Island University has partnered with Campus Labs to utilize their product Baseline for the easy design and delivery of surveys to students, faculty, or staff. University faculty and staff have access to an online tool called CampusLabs Baseline (formerly known as StudentVoice). This tool allows the creation and posting of surveys and rubrics, or even live interactive polling, connected to professional University work.

The power of this tool is with its support.  CampusLabs Baseline provides four types of support for users.  

  1. CampusLabs has written and video information about general methodological questions at their online support site.  Are you new to CampusLabs and don’t know what you have to do to get a project started?  Videos walk you through the procedures.  Need help thinking about how to weight dimensions or levels of performance in a rubric?  There’s a video for that.  Want to know more about the pros and cons of utilizing a mass mailing vs. posting a generic url for potential survey respondents?  CampusLabs has a webpage on that.  Do you need a method for selecting a drawing winner from among your respondents?  CampusLabs offers quick and easy directions that you can follow to randomly select someone.   There is much more information like this, and even full webinar training sessions, on their support site.
  2. There is a CampusLabs Specialist in Buffalo assigned to do one-on-one support with LIU survey users – that Specialist is automatically notified when a user initiates a new survey project, and they look over your instrument to see what expertise they might offer in regard to wording, item format, question order, etc.
  3. CampusLabs Baseline offers a number of tools to support your projects, including a sample size calculator (for surveys), immediate and ongoing frequency/count distributions with graphical analysis (for surveys, rubrics, and interactive polls), and cross-tab analysis (for surveys and rubrics).  Both reports and raw data may be exported in Excel or text-based formats.
  4. The Baseline tool connects users to other CampusLabs users in a community that shares best ideas and examples.