A SMART Board™ is an interactive white board.  A SMART Board™ allows you to connect your computer and iPad (with adapter) to your whiteboard.  You can then control computer applications from the SMART Board™ display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later. Several classrooms at each campus has been equipped with LIU SMARTBoards, providing easy access to technology.

Can I download software updates for my SMART Board™ ?

Yes. The SMART Notebook Software and SMART Board™ Drivers can be downloaded from the SMART Downloads page. You will need the serial number from your SMART Board™ to be able to install the software. This is usually on the bottom or side of the Smart Board™. Or an IT representative can install it for you at your request.

How do I use my SMART Board™?

You can submit an email to your campus IT Help Desk and request one on one training or you can review the self-pace tutorials below for a refresher.