LIU Brooklyn software Request

LIU Brooklyn Software Request (Click here)

Equipment at the Brooklyn campus spans the spectrum from Windows 7 compatible Pentium computers to Macintosh computers with networked copiers and laser printers available throughout. All computers are interconnected via Local Area Networks with connections to other systems, libraries and the Internet. Students have access to over 600 personal computers on campus, primarily in state-of-the-art computer labs that are located throughout the Brooklyn campus. All computer labs are equipped with the latest Mac & PC computers, SMART Boards and black-and-white or color laser printers. Networked classrooms are located in all buildings on campus. In addition, wireless end nodes are also supported at 11/54Mbs and the wireless infrastructure is growing daily.

LIU Post Software Request

LIU Post Software Request (Click here)

At the Post campus, IT supports 26 Campus-wide labs with more than 550 computers for student access. All labs offer high-speed laser printing and are equipped with office productivity and instructional software. Discipline-specific computer labs located throughout the campus make a number of other well-known software programs available in graphic design, video editing, computer programming and mathematical and statistical manipulations. Students have access to faxing, color printing and scanning in two general access labs, where software and hardware assistance from peer technology assistants is available. All classrooms have networked connections available for faculty demonstrations including high-resolution digital projectors and interactive screens. To maintain a state-of-the-art environment, hardware and software are routinely upgraded.

University Licensed Software

University owned software licenses, such as Microsoft Office Suite, Acrobat X and SPSS are provided for faculty and administrative uses only on university systems. Other software requests should still be submitted and processed through IT, however they are departmentally funded.

Information Technology supports any and all of your LIU purchased Hardware & Software issues. In order to obtain assistance contact your local IT Help Desk.

Software can be requested only for departmental use.
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Hardware or Software Purchases

Contact your local IT Help Desk.

All new faculty are eligible to receive new computer equipment on either mac or pc platform. Laptops are the recommended format, but desktops are also available. Staff and Administrators receive LIU purchased hardware at the discretion of their department.

Hardware Recommendation

PCs Recommendation *

  • 2.60 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit  processor (ie: Intel core i7)
  • 4 GB of system memory
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless card  (ie: Intel Advance-N 62052)
  • 320 GB of hard drive capacity or local memory
  • Audio output capability
  • Internet access capability
  • Gigabit ethernet card
  • Warranty for 3 years

Macs Recommendation *

  • i5 is the minimum requirement and i7 is Preferred
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Drive spin speed minimum 5400 rpm if you plan to edit video or audio files
  • Apple Protection Plan for 3 years

* Minimum requirements

Operating Systems

We support Microsoft Windows 7 and in some cases, Windows XP. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 64bit is the preferred.
[Default operating system on University PCs.] Windows XP support is reserved for legacy applications and older hardware that cannot run Windows 7.
MacOS X Mountain Lion is also supported.

Hardware Support


All university purchased hardware is supported by our IT department. This includes desktop towers, monitors, all-in-one’s, laptops, printers and associated peripherals. To report an issue to us, send an email to and include as much detail about the problem as possible. Please note that LIU technicians do NOT service personal devices due to liability issues.


For mobile devices the only service provided is assistance with getting school email onto the device.


Click Here to find out how to get your machine’s specifications if you are unsure.