Is the email asking you to login to or

Please make sure you see the green lock/green link as shown in the picture below before you enter your credentials to login into
MyLIU or Outlook.

Red Flags:

  1. Is the email scaring you into losing something?
  2. Is the email stating something that did not happen?  i.e. a friend request on social media, a TV you didn’t buy on Amazon, etc.
  3. Is there an attachment of any kind?
  4. Is the email sender new, in a leadership position, or not recognized?
  5. Is the type of email normal, something new, or requesting you do something new?
  6. Does the email message sound “too good to be true”?

Normal Actions:

  1. Did you use the “hover” technique on links in the email BEFORE clicking them?
  2. The “hover” technique means putting your mouse cursor over any links, waiting, and verifying the link matches the pop-up link in the email message.
  3. Did you verify the email address isn’t spoofed (fake) by double-clicking the email sender address and verifying it matches.

Suspicious Email Actions:

  1. Forward the message to IT to verify it’s legitimate.
  2. Call the sender using a trusted people directory for their number, especially if they are a new email contact.
  3. Do not follow suggested actions in an email without understanding why you would do them.


Please keep in mind that LIU IT will never send instructions like this to activate anything. 

Here are a few examples of Phishing.