MyLIU Payment Gateway

The MyLIU Payment Gateway is the place where you securely make credit card or check payments for deposits and charges billed to you. If a family member, guardian, or other individual will be making payments on your behalf, you can set them up as an Authorized User. These individuals will not have access to your MyLIU account – they are only able to make payments on your behalf. You can add or delete authorized users at any time.

Payment Gateway Login

Note: Students can also get to the payment gateway through their MyLIU homepage.

Student Login

Authorized User Login

  1. To set up an Authorized User to make a tuition deposit on your behalf, select the Authorized Users item under
    the My Profile Setup menu on the right.


  2. If someone else is going to make a Tuition Deposit on your behalf, Click  on Add Authorized User

  3. Enter their email address in the field.
    You have the option to hide payment history from each Authorized User you create. Once
    again, this individual will not have access to your MyLIU account – they can only log into the Payment

    Gateway. Click continue when you have completed the selections

  4. To add an Authorized User, you must agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the next page. You
    can print a copy of this agreement for your records. Click Continue to add the Authorized User. An email

    will be sent to your Authorized User at the email you entered with specific login instructions.


  5. From this page, you can manage your Authorized Users, change email addresses, add or delete
    individuals, etc.

Your Content Goes HereFor a student or authorized user to make a Tuition Deposit online, first click on Deposits in the top menu.

Select the term you are making a Tuition Deposit for (e.g., Fall 2012)

Select the Tuition E-Deposit, The Tuition Deposit amount will appear with the term below. Click Continue to make a check or credit card payment online.

To process your Tuition Deposit, select your payment method. LIU accepts electronic checks and all major credit cards.

To make a secure electronic check payment online, you will need your bank routing number and account number, along with your billing information.  Click Save this Payment for Future Use and provide a description if you plan to use this payment method again. Remember, if someone else is paying your deposit on your behalf, you can set them up as an Authorized User – you do not have to store their payment information in your student profile.

To make a secure credit card payment online, you will need to enter your credit card information, including the CVV (click “View Example” to find this on your card if necessary) and your billing information. Click “Save This Payment for Future Use” and provide a description if you plan to use this payment method

To finalize your online payment via electronic check or credit card, review the transaction details and click “Submit Payment” to process the transaction. If paying by electronic check, you will need to check that you agree to the terms and conditions illustrated on the page below. If you need to change any of the
information, select “Previous Step” and make the necessary adjustments.

Once your online Tuition Deposit is processed, the Admissions Office will finalize your record and the Registrar will matriculate your account for the upcoming term. This process generally takes 24-48 hours; you will receive confirmation in your MyLIU email account once this step is complete. Once matriculated, you can use many of the Self Service features available in your MyLIU account, including the ability to pay your tuition bill online and register for classes.