The ITRC has been designed to provide concentrated support to staff and faculty by offering training on and exposure to technology to enhance student learning and employee productivity. The mission of the ITRC is to promote learning with technology by supporting individuals as they learn in individual and group settings and by working in collaboration with campus and University departments to strengthen skills. Resources available at the ITRC include access to and training on various software suites and hardware. Individuals received guided instruction, as well as request assistance with large format printing (departmental charges may apply). Staff & Faculty are welcome to visit and use the resources or make an appointment for 1:1 consultation.

Phone: 516-299-3636
Walk-in: Room 222 of Library | Mon-Thu 9am- 7pm | Fri- 9am- 5pm


  1. Faculty with online support in the use of computers, productivity software support for faculty to acquire the skills, knowledge and tools to support the use of technology in the classroom.
  2. Developing and assessing best practices for the use of technology to enhance coursework.
  3. Open forums, dialogues and discussions that support technology enhanced learning.
  4. Working in collaboration with the other Campus and University offices to strengthen resources for the use of technology to improve student learning.
  5. Updating resources to be on the cutting edge of technology to provide faculty and students with the best technological advantages to enhance learning.
  6. The ITRC is committed to strengthening support for teaching and learning, inside and outside of the classroom.

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