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Importing Question into a Blackboard Test

Before uploading a quiz database that has been created in word be aware that the document must be reformatted. See sample documents figure 1 and 2 which demonstrates how document should appear once formatted:

figure 1 (Unformatted)
Question Type Format Table

Multiple Choice MC^
Multiple Answer MA^
True/False TF^
Essay ESS^
Matching Terms MAT^

figure 2 (Formatted)
Notice: when creating your question database be sure to remove any numbering system you may have initially put in place
Once you have reformatted your question database copy the content and paste in the converter and click Download:

Click Download to and the preview pane will display how the word database will appear once converter into a .txt file (see figure 3 below)

figure 3 (side by side Preview) –
Download will convert the document to a .txt file type.
Download will also launch a window that will prompt you to save the file.
Converted files can be located in the Downloads folder waiting for retrieval when you are prepared to  upload the file into your bb quiz.

 The newly created .txt file is ready for uploading into any quiz created in Blackboard. To accomplish this perform the following steps:

  1. Login into Blackboard using your LIU credentials.
  2. Go to the Control panel and select Test/Survey/Pools located in the Course Tools drop-down list.
  3.  Click on Test and select Build Test to create the test canvas

  4. Assign a name to your test and select Submit.
  5. When the test canvas appears select Upload Questions
  6. Click Browse to locate converted document, select from Downloads, click Open and Submit to upload questions into the test canvas.