A/V Services

A/V services are provided only on an as needed basis. This includes the use of speaker systems, projectors, microphones, lavaliers.

For Classrooms

A large majority of the classrooms on the Brooklyn and Post campuses are equipped with interactive projection systems and only require the user to connect their device via wire or wireless. In the event a classroom does not have a projection system, contact your academic department to request a mobile projection cart.

For Meetings / Special Events

If you are planning to hold a meeting that will require a special A/V solution ( projector, projector screen, mics, etc..) send a request to it@liu.edu and list all of the specifics that you will need or would like to do. Note: Please put in your request at least a week prior to your event.


Campus Television

Cable television service is provided through a third party provider and is available for all dormitory rooms and specialized locations. If you are having an issue (missing channels, poor image, broken cable wires) please send a request for repair to it@liu.edu. Make sure to indicate the location of the issue along with a proper description of the problem. For dormitory residents, please also include your name and times of availability.


Trouble shooting Q&A

Is your TV securely connected to the coaxial cable tv connector on both ends?
Sometimes wires come loose or can be damaged. Make sure the TV is properly connected and powered.

Is your TV a digital TV?
The LIU cable tv network is digital only, thus some lower end TV’s may not be able to convert the cable signal. A digital cable converter will need to be purchased to enable your TV to work.

If you are not getting any channels after making sure the connections are secure or correct, you may need to reprogram your TV. Most TV’s come with a “program” or “Auto Scan” function. Consult your manufacturers manual on how to activate this feature.

LIU Cable TV channels start from channel 32.

Click here to download a Pdf list of channels