A University email address (i.e., name@liu.edu or name@my.liu.edu) will be assigned by the Information Technology department to registered students and University staff. Faculty members and administrative personnel must use their University email address when communicating with students and conducting other University business.

All LIU email account holders are expected to check their email regularly so that University communications will be timely received and read. The owner of an email account is responsible for its use and is presumed to have sent all communications actually sent from that account. Users may not view, copy, alter or destroy another’s email without permission unless authorized or required to do so by law or policy.

The University does not guarantee the confidentiality or privacy of its email services or data stored or sent through its network systems. Although every effort is made to preserve the integrity of the University’s communication systems, users should be aware that the interception of email messages on shared networks is possible. Redirecting email from an University email address to another address (e.g., @hotmail.com, @gmail.com), is also discouraged. The University is not responsible for the integrity of email directed to other service providers.

To protect the functionality and integrity of its IT systems, and protect users against unauthorized or improper use, the University reserves the right, without notice, to limit or restrict any individual’s use, and to inspect, remove, copy or otherwise address any data, file, or the like that may adversely affect authorized users. Email may be scanned automatically for malicious content (viruses, spam, phishing attacks) and deleted without warning. The University may also impose limitations or restrictions to address violations of University policies.

Email records resident on University-owned IT resources belong to the University and are subject to review and disclosure without notice when required by law, where a violation of law or University policy may exist, where there is a risk of spoliation, bodily harm, property loss or damage, where the University’s mission is jeopardized or during routine system administration.