[fusion_text]These policies apply to all users of any University information technology resource, including students, staff, faculty and other authorized users, whether operating on campus or from a remote location. The University’s information technology resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Any network, communication system, computer equipment or media service provided by the University for educational, research, administrative, communication or related purposes;
  • Information technology or data communications equipment owned, leased, or operated by the University;
  • Any equipment connected to the University’s data network, regardless of ownership;
  • All messages, data files and programs stored in or transmitted by any University information technology resource;
  • All data and information assets created with or stored on systems operated by or for the University.

Information technology resources are provided by the University to support its educational and research mission. Use of University information technology resources is a privilege. Accordingly, all users of the University’s networks, systems and equipment are responsible for the proper use and protection of these resources, consistent with University policies and applicable law.
The Information Technology department supports the University’s educational mission by providing access to the following systems and services:

  • Systems using the University network for communication;
  • University networks, computer systems, equipment, storage and supporting resources;
  • Electronic mail accounts, point-to-point messaging, list server postings;
  • The World Wide Web;
  • Special-purpose software on University network computers;
  • Administrative information Systems;
  • Learning Management Systems;
  • Library Management Systems;
  • The My LIU Student Portal.