There is a significant wave of infections impacting versions of Windows by a new ransomware called “WannaCry.” Ransomware is a term used to describe malware that denies access to data or systems unless a ransom is paid to a cybercriminal.  Please browse to this link to read more about this malware.

We want to assure you that Long Island University has many layers of defense to protect computers from these types of threats and ensure minimal disruption of service.  Additionally, LIU owned computers are automatically updated with latest software updates as an additional protection mechanism.   However, security is a shared responsibility and we strongly recommend that all community members be proactive about updating all personal devices including home computers with the latest updates.

As always, be vigilant about opening emails from unknown senders, avoid clicking on attachments that you are not expecting, and typing in your username and password on a web site that is not familiar.  LIU Information Technology will not ask for your password at any time over the phone or in an email.

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